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My name's Kay Sada White. I was born and raised on the

west side of Detroit, Michigan. I'm a wife,

mother, entrepreneur, real estate agent, and mortgage

loan officer, who true passion is to find, serve, and satisy

my clients. 

In 2014, I received my bachelor's degree in Communications from Wayne State University. From there, my career has been primarily dedicated to hospitality. I rely on communication to nurture relationships in a hectic world. My mastered communication skills have helped companies connect with visitors, create and build relationships, and grow profitable businesses. 

Today, as a realtor, I build intentional relationships while bringing my best expertise: communication, negotiation,

and problem-solving to the real estate industry. What’s

more, I wear my values on my sleeve. I pride myself on

being customer-centric to help find the right home for

you. Whether you're looking for a house with privacy and comfort; that's affordable and accessible or brings new adventure and excitement; I'll be there every step of the


Buying a home is more than a cold transaction; it's a life-changing experience. My bespoke services mean removing the anxieties that can come with selling, securing funding, or purchasing a home. Allow me the chance to help create a seamless process in your buying process. 

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Good Evening Kayla,

Thank you for you time today and waiting for us. I appreciate all the work you do and I Hope that this could be our new house. We are all looking forward to calling this our home. Sidenote: we loved the fact that you said “Welcome to your home”. It touched our hearts. Thank you. No pressure but I really want the cave cove home… but whatever god has instore for us we will accept. You are truly a blessing thank you for working so hard for us. 

Nate Becker

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