Kay Sada’ is a force to be reckoned with.

The first of seven children to graduate high school and college, she has never been one to back down from a challenge. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication from Wayne State University and got her start in the hospitality industry, where she mastered the art of creating personal connections and providing outstanding customer service to people from all walks of life. Following a successful seven-year career in hospitality, Kayla founded her own brand—Kay Sada’ Cosmetics—in 2015.

Kayla seeks to build connection and sisterhood in every situation and interaction, and lives for the opportunity to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Her brand, like her life, serves as an inspiration to many. Born of a desire to combine her love of makeup with her passion for empowering women, Kay Sada’ Cosmetics seeks to create an experience that promotes all women, encouraging them to come together to celebrate the beauty and power within. An entrepreneur who believes in inspiring women, Kayla created her brand with that goal in mind.


Accessorize Your Power

The world is ready for you

Women are unstoppable. Their makeup should be, too.


Kay Sada’ Cosmetics begins with empowerment. We create products to empower women, inspiring them to live fiercely, walk boldly, and become their best—all while looking their best.
To us, every woman is already divine. Every woman is already savvy. Every woman is already boundless and rich beyond measure.
Those qualities are at the heart of every product we make. We believe so strongly in the innate power of women that we’ve even given our products names to match. All that’s left is for you to unlock the power you already possess.
We want to see all women shine.
Because women are capable. Women empower others to be their best. Women encourage others daily, forging sisterhood and community.

Women are bold.
And so are we.
Accessorize your power.
Kay Sada’ Cosmetics.