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But, what is beauty exactly? Is it a subjective notion, or a very objective rule as that disseminated by the media and therefore the entertainment industry? Hollywood and in particular the advertising and fashion world have bombarded the female psyche into what they believe is the beauty. The fact is that it is only their idea of beauty. From the early more carved figures of women promoted in the 50s and 60s, for example, marketers have changed the way women should look by promoting a different version of female beauty.

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How To Apply Liquid Lipstick

Once liquid lipsticks burst onto the main stage some years ago, it absolutely was as if all our long-wear prayers had been answered.  These fluid formulas have the opacity of ancient lipsticks, however last even longer, and most (but not all) tend to return with a matte, budge-proof end. We tend to now not required to do constant touch-ups using our phone's reverse camera; we tend to kiss, eat, drink, even get caught in a rain shower without an umbrella (take my word for it) and not got to worry about a couple of soiled mess. 

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What Is Your Go-TO Lipstick Shade Says About Your Personality

Lipstick has become something that most women cannot live without. Women have to apply "their face" before leaving their house and touch up throughout the day because, you are being judged by the lipstick you choose to wear for the day, mood, or occasion. Lipstick has had a long history of use, As one of the most trending makeup products on the market. However, over time it has gained huge popularity among women all over the world. 

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