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My introduction to Gloria Ann came by working for the same company. We had probably worked many afternoon shifts together before actually engaging in a dialogue.

I know she had been working midnight for some time, but I was scheduled to work my first-midnight shift. I remember thinking I wasn’t going to make it through the night. I had learned that Gloria was a YouTuber a shift before we worked together so I had made up my mind that I was going to make a connection. To cut the story short, I am glad that I start conversing with Gloria because we both share the same views about the love of attraction, future goals, and success. Almost two years later, we are a good friend and we are a great partner.As we begin our discussion,

Gloria talks about their collaboration, pregnancy, and marriage. She also talks about the KSC * Gloria Ann collaboration, YouTube success, pregnancy, and marriage.

1. When did the collaboration Gloria Ann came about and Kay Sada cosmetic come about?

We planned our collaboration all of mid-2017and we officially announce our collaboration at the beginning of this year 2018

2. How did you choose the name of your lashes and how does it feel to have your own lashes?

Kayla, the owner of Kay Sada cosmetics, and I were talking about how she wanted a meaning to all her products. We came up with the name passion because we are both passionate about what we do in life.

3. Why did you choose to launch eyelashes vs. any other product?

I choose eyelashes because I know for the shape of my eyes and I love making them stand out with long glam, natural looking lashes.

4. Everyone is blogging these days. Tell us a little about your YouTube channel and how you got started?

I actually started my YouTube as a music channel. I had a bad hair incident with a hairdresser that transitioned my channel into a beauty channel. I cut all off my hair in December of 2010 and started documenting my natural hair journey ever since. I now create storytelling content that inspires women to love themselves naturally, how to style their natural hair during their journey, and how to slay while doing it.

5. We all want to know how you maintain such a successful channel. You have reached over 3 million channel views. What are your advice to your follower and inspiring bloggers on how to maintain a successful YouTube channel?

The key is to be you and you must not try to take anyone else personality. Only you can be the best at being you. Consistency is a key to creating a following, so plan ahead. Also, don’t focus on the numbers. There is an audience for everyone. Your tribe will find you as long as you are authentic.

6. I can guess that blogging takes out a bunch of your time. Do you have a blogging routine?

Creating content definitely, take a lot of time and energy. I always take one or two days in a week to dedicate it to creating content

7. We know your channel is predominately hair, but your skin is flawless. It was flawless long before being with child. We are eager to know what your skin routine is.

My favorite brand at the moment is Dermalogica. I love their cleansers, serum, and moisturizers. I have combination /dry skin, so I always use a serum under my moisturizer for an extra boost of nutrients. I also love to mask one or two times a week.

8. I have known you for a bit now and I love you and Dennis together. You guys are perfect together. I remember working with you; we talked about engagement, marriage, and kids. How does it feel to “exist in” the things you spoke about in the past?

I speak my life into existence. Anything I want, I manifest. My mom taught me how to manifest at a younger age and I have been doing it ever since! It is so good looking back at when I imagined something into existence, and now am doing exactly what I said.

9. Can you tell us a fun pregnancy story?

 Uuuh. Ok, am so typical Scorpio that doesn’t like to feel vulnerable or let anyone see me let out any emotion. Ever since I became pregnant, I have been an emotional wreck.  When funny time was when Dennis let out to run an errand. I knew where he was going but I didn’t think it would be all day. He had his phone switched off due to the work he was doing and I completely lost it. I thought something bad had happened to him and I even call his family to see if they would hear from him and he was only offline for about two hours. 

10. Lastly, you have really proven yourself in this industry. You started off at the bottom like most. Now you are working for major brands. Name five or six brands that you have had a partnership with?

Thank you so much! It is an amazing feeling to work with brands I truly love and use almost every day. I have had the opportunity to partner with brands like Covergirl, Bare, Minerals, Briogeo, Sephora, Fashion Nova, and Dermalogica.

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